101 on Warranties and Service Contracts for New Cars

When you buy a new car, the auto salesperson might encourage you to enroll into an auto service contract. This contract will help you save on repairs and other maintenance costs associated with your new vehicle purchase. Make sure you know all you have to know about Skoda services to get the service you need and maintain your vehicle. There are different types of coverage available for each dealer or car manufacturer, which requires you to even more thorough about your options. What is an Auto Service Contract? An auto service contract is often tied with the contract you sign to buy new Skoda cars. This service contract serves as the promise from the dealer or manufacturer to provide repairs or services at little or no cost to you. It is more commonly referred to as extended warranty. It must not be confused with an actual warranty that is mandated with your new vehicle purchase. The latter is included in the purchase price of your new vehicle and might be available for a limited time, such as six months after purchase. Know Your Options Even new Skoda cars will require maintenance work to be done. Hence, it is important to know your options when buying an auto service contract from vehicle dealers and manufacturers. A service contract from the dealer is the most basic option available for you, the vehicle owner. But this isn’t required by financing companies or lenders so a lot of vehicle buyers overlook them. Make sure you validate the loan to ensure that it is not included in the purchase price without your knowledge. In terms of the length of the auto service contract, it largely varies according to the dealer. It is not always the same with the manufacturer’s warranty. Most manufacturer’s warranty on a new vehicle will be based on mileage or a specific period of time (whichever comes first). It is also important to look into who backs the contract. Is it your dealer or the auto manufacturer? You need to identify the contracting party so you can get the benefits you deserve from the contract. Coverage When you buy Skoda cars with Skoda services contract, it is important to know the coverage of the service as well. It is important to investigate into the type of services you can enjoy and not just assume they are included in the service. Common repairs like changing the brakes and clutches are included, but more extensive services might not be (such as tire replacement). Some contracts will stipulate that only mechanical breakdowns will be covered and there might be exclusions. It is important that you know beforehand as you could potentially save a lot of money from Skoda services. Car maintenance is one of the most costly aspects of buying a new vehicle. If you can get servicing included in the package, you can save a lot of money. If it is available in your package, make sure to take advantage of the free repair and services.

Discover Types of Alloy Wheels Available


With their increasing popularity, it is important that you know types of alloy wheels UK market has for customers today. There are two types of alloy wheels: aluminum and magnesium types.

Aluminum alloy wheels are the most common in the market, while those made of magnesium are reserved for racing cars. All the same, vintage versions of magnesium alloy wheels are also available. Users can restore them and use in antique collectible automobiles.

Aluminum alloy wheels

Compared to conventional wheels made of steel, aluminum alloy wheels UK market has several times lighter wheels nowadays. This quality makes them ideal for most users as they find it easier to handle the vehicle. In terms of cost, they are more expensive than the factory-installed steel wheels.

Another quality of aluminum alloy wheels is that, they are available in various designs, which make them look attractive once installed. This is in addition to improving the vehicle’s performance.

Creation of alloy wheels

The process of creating alloy wheels UK market has for customers, takes place in two ways. One method is known as casting, where a hot molten aluminum is molded into a desired wheel shape. Alloy wheels made through this method are uniform. Besides, it can create different designs and sizes to suit users’ preferences.

Another method for creating alloy wheels is through forging. In this method, a high pressure is applied to the wheel material followed by stamping. This process reduces chances of cracks in the final product.

Cost of alloy wheels

Different suppliers charge differently for their alloy wheels depending on the method of creation. It is advisable to consult with your supplier and find out more about pricing before you purchase. It is possible to find a reliable dealer with high quality alloy wheels at fair prices.

Magnesium alloy wheels

These types of alloy wheels are reserved for high-performance cars such as those used in racing championships. Based on their method of creation, they are stronger than aluminum versions because they do not bend. However, they can experience cracks, especially under strenuous driving conditions.

Another advantage of magnesium alloy wheels is that they do not burn when exposed to fire. Because of their lightweight, they increase performance in racing cars, besides looking attractive.

Properties of alloy wheels

First off, they are beautiful and they improve performance of the car. Conventional steel wheels are often dull and common to the eye because of their one design. Unlike steel wheels, which are made from steel sheets, alloy wheels embrace fancier designs in different sizes.

Alloy wheels are susceptible t corrosion and therefore should be painted or sealed. In case they experience corrosion, which may be after three or five years, the wheels can be restored. Find out from your supplier more about this service.

Since they are attractive and pricier, alloy wheels are more prone to theft than steel versions. However, modern versions of alloy wheels come with lockable nuts that require special key to remove.

With enough information about alloy wheels, you can explore the market with more confidence. Identify a reliable in your community and to get alloy wheels that meet your expectations, you may visit

The World of Customized Ute Bodies


The introduction of the first Ute in 1934 was seen as a turn in the driving culture of Australia. Driving in the city was alright but driving outside the city was a hassle. There was the need of a vehicle strong enough to be taken on bumpy roads. Over time, it became common to customize utes, particularly in the rural areas of Australia. And this leads to the invention of custom ute bodies.

Some decide to buy a car and often want to make changes in their car in order to make it different from everyone else’s. Custom ute bodies are a big business and it is possible to get a professional to change your ute according to your needs or desires. If you have been thinking about ordering a custom ute body, then you might want to consider all the options that you have.

If you decide to get custom ute bodies from a reliable and trustworthy suppliers or companies like XL, then you must understand the different options you have. Some of the preferred choices are:

1.      Single Cab A-Body: This type of ute features a central utility area, six side cabinets, and two flip lid compartments with a body made of steel that is invulnerable to changing climatic conditions.

2.      Z-Body Single Cab: These ute bodies bear some degree of similarity to the A-Body utes but have a different shape. Their features include two horizontal cabinets, six cabinets on the side, central utility area, and a body made of the toughest steel. This model gives you the freedom of increasing its capacity by the mere addition of optional ladder racks.

3.      Canopy Service Body: This custom ute has a large door on both side and an optional rear door. The best feature of this model is that it has a canopy. Ute canopies can be used for a number of reasons. They can be used as a shield that protects the content of the ute from rain, wind, or the hot sun, or simply to encircle the back of your truck.

4.      ROPS Service Body: This is one of the most innovative designs of ute bodies. This design offers interior lighting, features weather tight sealing, and has a low centre of gravity.

When you have your perfect ute body, you might want to customize it to define it according to your personality.

Some of the common categories for customizing ute bodies are:

1.       Adding accessories to the interior of the vehicle. These accessories include mirrors, seat covers, speakers, or radio.

2.       Modifying the engine for improved power.

3.       Major modifications like a full-time bogie, roll cage, body change, etc.

4.       Adding external accessories like a bull bar, spare wheel carriers, nudge bars, hub caps etc.

You can also paint a design or a logo on your vehicle to give a customized and personal look. This is one of the best ways to advertise your business. This might help you cut down on other advertising expenses.

Some people simply like to customize their ute for fun—to give it a different dimension. While doing that seems like the best idea to get creative, you can also customize your vehicle to make space for your tools and equipment. This will allow you to carry your tools around safely—because, you know, better safe than sorry!

Global Office Machines: The Solution to Your Printer-Repair Needs


A printer is an excellent mate if it works properly, but a worse enemy when it ceases to perform its duties well. A printer of any kind is an important item at home or to a business, allowing a person to produce documents whenever necessary. While a lot of printers can present a puzzling chain of problems, many of them can be resolved if you are armed with a bit of knowledge. With the help of the experts from Global Office Machines, you can keep your printer in good condition without needing repeated printer repairs throughout its lifetime.

People Working Behind Global Office Machines

Being in the office equipment industry for over 15 years, Global Office Machines understands the importance of a printer to one’s home or business. For that reason, its technicians are continuously trained with the best and most informative procedures and techniques to keep themselves on the know every time new models are introduced into the market.

Global Office Machines guarantees that all of its skilled technicians have thoroughly undergone the latest and most current training to keep their skills precise and updated – hence, making all printer repairs done perfectly even on the first time. Its technicians are always ready to spend time and energy just to perfect all the procedures and processes needed in printer repairs.

Repair Services and Maintenance

Global Office Machines offers the most efficient printer repair service Sydney has at present. The company is not only known for its high reputation and professionalism, but also for its sound solutions, excellent customer service, affordable and speedy solutions.

The company aims to provide clients with an effective, trustworthy and value-for-money service. Each technician, backed by wide experience and expertise, can get to the root of the problem and fix it on a timely manner – thus, avoiding business delays brought by a faulty printer or office machine. What’s even better? One of the company’s highly-skilled technicians can be onsite to resolve a customer’s trouble within four to six hours after the call.

While widely appreciated for its exceptional laser and inkjet printer repairs, Global Office Machines extends its services to other machines such as faxes, multifunction devices, photocopiers and wide format printers and plotters. It also provides genuine and compatible consumables like toners, inks and plotter papers that are easy on the pocket and can be delivered right at your doorstep.

If you have difficulties with your office equipment, contact them now at 1300 882 852 or visit their website at You can get your printer or other office machines working in no time.

Other Services

Global Office Machines is a dedicated on road service company of printer repairs Sydney has at present. It is staffed with several technicians and professionals in the Sydney metro and the surrounding areas who can be on the customer’s place the same day as the customer calls. Because it values the customer’s time and effort, the company ensures that a qualified technician can do all the services onsite. The company also offers assistance on supplies and rentals on all types of office machines.

Waste no time! For printer and photocopier repairs Sydney has to offer, Global Office Machines got you covered. To know more about their services, visit their website today.