The World of Customized Ute Bodies

The introduction of the first Ute in 1934 was seen as a turn in the driving culture of Australia. Driving in the city was alright but driving outside the city was a hassle. There was the need of a vehicle strong enough to be taken on bumpy roads. Over time, it became common to customize utes, particularly in the rural areas of Australia. And this leads to the invention of custom ute bodies.

Some decide to buy a car and often want to make changes in their car in order to make it different from everyone else’s. Custom ute bodies are a big business and it is possible to get a professional to change your ute according to your needs or desires. If you have been thinking about ordering a custom ute body, then you might want to consider all the options that you have.

If you decide to get custom ute bodies from a reliable and trustworthy suppliers or companies like XL, then you must understand the different options you have. Some of the preferred choices are:

1.      Single Cab A-Body: This type of ute features a central utility area, six side cabinets, and two flip lid compartments with a body made of steel that is invulnerable to changing climatic conditions.

2.      Z-Body Single Cab: These ute bodies bear some degree of similarity to the A-Body utes but have a different shape. Their features include two horizontal cabinets, six cabinets on the side, central utility area, and a body made of the toughest steel. This model gives you the freedom of increasing its capacity by the mere addition of optional ladder racks.

3.      Canopy Service Body: This custom ute has a large door on both side and an optional rear door. The best feature of this model is that it has a canopy. Ute canopies can be used for a number of reasons. They can be used as a shield that protects the content of the ute from rain, wind, or the hot sun, or simply to encircle the back of your truck.

4.      ROPS Service Body: This is one of the most innovative designs of ute bodies. This design offers interior lighting, features weather tight sealing, and has a low centre of gravity.

When you have your perfect ute body, you might want to customize it to define it according to your personality.

Some of the common categories for customizing ute bodies are:

1.       Adding accessories to the interior of the vehicle. These accessories include mirrors, seat covers, speakers, or radio.

2.       Modifying the engine for improved power.

3.       Major modifications like a full-time bogie, roll cage, body change, etc.

4.       Adding external accessories like a bull bar, spare wheel carriers, nudge bars, hub caps etc.

You can also paint a design or a logo on your vehicle to give a customized and personal look. This is one of the best ways to advertise your business. This might help you cut down on other advertising expenses.

Some people simply like to customize their ute for fun—to give it a different dimension. While doing that seems like the best idea to get creative, you can also customize your vehicle to make space for your tools and equipment. This will allow you to carry your tools around safely—because, you know, better safe than sorry!


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